Foudon / Reboul Corpus

Nadège Foudon
Center for Cognitive Sciences
University of Neuchâtel


Participants: 8
Type of Study: naturalistic
Location: France
Media type: not available
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5X887

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Foudon, Nadege, Reboul, Anne, & Manificat, Sabine (2007). Language acquisition in autistic children: A longitudinal study. CamLing2007: University of Cambridge Postgraduate Conference in Language Research.

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Project Description

Participants were 8 children with autism (3 girls, 6 boys) between 3;9 and 9;2 at the beginning of the study. Data from a ninth child were omitted, because that child was nonverbal. All children were recruited at the Isatis department of the Saint-Jean-de-Dieu hospital (Lyon, France) where they were initially diagnosed with DSM-IV (1994) Autistic Disorder. They had a mean Child Autism Rating Scale Score (CARS) of 38.64 (standard deviation = 12; range = 35-47) and developmental age between 12-16 months and 28-32 months at the beginning of the study (January 2007). Children were divided in three groups: first words, first combinations and first phrases, as evaluated relative to mean length of utterance (MLU), i.e., respectively 1, 2 and superior to 2 (Victor, Eliott, Lyne = 1; Matthieu, Charlotte, Félix = 2; Maeva, Ahmed, Grégory > 2).

Children were recorded approximately every three months for 3 years at the Isatis and Tarentelle medical daycare centers. Children were recorded in three types of situations (work, lunch-time and play-time). Savage-Rumbaugh tests and false belief tests were administered at the end of the first year.