We expect that researchers will contribute corpora constructed with TalkBank programs and tools. It is the obligation of TalkBank to assure that these contributions are properly acknowledged and that the data are correctly stored and distributed.

To contribute a new data set:

  1. First, please send an email message to me (Brian MacWhinney) at macw@cmu.edu describing your contribution.
  2. For your transcripts and documentation, you can combine them all into a single .zip file and send that file as an email attachment to macw@cmu.edu.
  3. For your media, either Lily Jarold or I will create a Google Drive folder with your name and send you an email telling you how to access it.
  4. If you wish, you can use your Google Drive folder to upload your transcripts and documentation, but in that case, please put them in a folder separate from the media.
  5. Please print out this contribution form and complete and sign it. If you can scan it, then you can include it in the upload. Otherwise, you can send it to me through postal mail to Brian MacWhinney, Department of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA.
  6. Once you have finished with the uploading, please send us an email note saying that the files are ready.
  7. We will then check over the files using CHECK and CHATTER to make sure that the filenames and everything work with the overall database system. Once they are in place, we will eventually announce the addition of the new corpus to the info-childes list or the aphasiabank list.
  8. We are all very thankful for the kindness and collegiality you are showing in contributing your hard-won data.

Guidelines for corpus documentation are given in section 4.5 of the CHAT manual.

Researchers interested in guidelines for creating a new longitudinal corpus may find this page of suggestions useful.