Chatter is a cross-platform application that performs strict validation of CHAT transcripts and also can convert CHAT to XML conforming to our XML schema. It is written in pure Java except for a system-dependent portion that calls the CLAN editor.


Chatter requires that Java 7 or 8 be installed on your computer. If you have not already installed a recent version of Java, please download and install Java.


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System requirements

Chatter will run on any platform with Java 5 (or higher) installed.


In GUI mode, Chatter operates by taking a folder and processing all the CHAT files inside the folder, recursively through any subfolders. (The Macintosh application allows drag and drop of a folder to the Chatter application icon.)

The folder, call it chatfolder, is transformed to a parallel folder of XML files, chatfolder-xml.

If there are any CHAT validation errors, each one is listed in the GUI window. Double-clicking on an error line will launch CLAN (in the case of Macintosh and Windows) to load the CHAT file and highlight the line at which the error was detected.

A file 00errors.cex will also be left in any subfolders in which errors were detected.

The Redo button allows a convenient validate-edit cycle.

Current version

The current version is 1.0-alpha-126, of September 1, 2015.

The change log.