TalkBank TalkBankAnno Project

The goal of the TalkBankAnno project is the creation of a system to support online commentary and annotation of TalkBank materials. The project has these eight goals:

  1. Collaborative Commentary (CC) (already implemented) supports researchers seeking to test empirical hypotheses against language transcript data by adding commentary to select transcript segments and instructors using the data to illustrate properties of spoken communication.
  2. Transcript Coding involves adding codes across all segments in a transcript in order to compile interaction profiles. This will be implemented as an extension of CC.
  3. Media Coding involves adding codes or comments to data that has not yet been transcribed. It can be implemented either as a variant of Collaborative Commentary or as a variant of Transcript Coding.
  4. Automated Analysis involves the use of programs that run automatically over large segments of data to create a series of new codes. We already have some methods of this type and we will explore creating others.
  5. Online Transcription involves the creation of a basic transcription from either audio or video media. We will support this through ASR and forced alignment methods and then support corrections in the browser.
  6. Citizen Science opens up media and transcripts to the larger world for crowd-sourced annotation. We welcome suggestions for projects in this area that rely on the CC method already in place.
  7. Teaching through Commentary involves the use of CC between teachers and their students to foster learning about conversation analysis and linguistic analysis. We have already created initial examples of how this can be done. Fully worked examples can be compiled into Grand Rounds pages.
  8. Curation involves improvement, refinement, and correction of transcripts and codes in the database. CC provides one way to support this.