TalkBank SLABank

This page provides an index to TalkBank SLABank data on second language acquisition (SLA).

You can also browse the SLABank database online from this link.

SLABank's ESF corpus is indexed here.

Corpus_________________ Description Contributor
Multiple – ESF The ESF Project in 8 languages Wolfgang Klein and Clive Perdue
Multiple – Dresden The Dresden program in 3 languages Angelika Kubanek-German
Multiple – Menendez Signers writing in 3 languages Bruno Menendez
Czech – Dresden 10-year-old German children learning Czech. Angelika Kubanek-German
English – Barraja-Rohan foreign students in Australia Anne-Marie Barraja-Rohan
English – BELC children and teenagers learning English in Barcelona Carme Muñoz
English – Connolly Junior High students learning English in Japan Steve Connolly
English – CUHK children learning English in Hong Kong Brian MacWhinney
English – Dresden 10-year-old German children learning English Angelika Kubanek-German
English – Markee video of two students learning English Numa Markee
English – PAROLE High School students learning English in France Heather Hilton
English – Qatar Arabic University students learning English Helen Zhao
English – van Compernolle video of a lesson in an English SLA class Remi van Campernolle
English – Vercellotti study of fluency in college English learners Mary Lou Vercellotti
French – Dresden 10-year-old German children learning French Angelika Kubanek-German
French – FLLOC school children learning French in the UK Florence Myles and Rosamund Thornton
French – Newcastle College students learning French Florence Myles
French – PAROLE students learning French Heather Hilton
French – Reading Compositions of English students learning French Brian Richards
French – TCD students learning French in France Sean Devitt
French – UWI students learning French in Jamaica Hugues Peters
German – RyanDan students learning German Ryan Miller and Dan Walter
German – Dimroth students learning German Christine Dimroth
German – L2-VYSA students learning German Anne Vainikka and Martha Young-Scholten
Hungarian – Langman students learning German Juliet Langman
Mandarin – COPA students learning Mandarin Yanhui Zhang
Mandarin – HKPU students learning Mandarin Angel Chan
Spanish – BCN-L2 Berber students learning Spanish Aurora Bel
Spanish – Díaz Rodríguez students learning Spanish Lourdes Díaz Rodríguez
Spanish – Liceras students learning Spanish Juana Liceras
Spanish – Nicolás 2 Arabic-speaking students learning Spanish Estrella Nicolás
Spanish – SPLLOC1 students learning Spanish Laura Domínguez
Spanish – SPLLOC2 students learning Spanish Laura Domínguez
Nebrija-INMIGRA immigrants from 17 countries using Spanish Juana Liceras and 10 colleagues in the LAELE Research Group
Nebrija-OAP-English USA English learners of Spanish giving academic presentations María de los Ángeles Vergara Padilla