TalkBank Specialized Functions

This page provides screencast illustrations of more specialized CLAN functions

Screencast YouTube.................. Contents Duration
CLAN Commands
RELY RELY using RELY to troubleshoot a coding system 5:26
Coder-1 Coder-1 creating a coding tier with Coder's Editor 6:38
Coder-2 Coder-2 creating a coding tier, toggling between Coder's Editor for coding and CHAT Editor for playback 4:46
CA Functions
multiple multiple playback from multiple synchronized videos, resources are here 4:57
SUGAR-1 Transcript preparation for SUGAR analysis 7:27
SUGAR-2 running SUGAR command, examining spreadsheet results 4:56
CHAT2ELAN CHAT2ELAN converting a CHAT file to ELAN and back 3:12
SALT2CHAT SALT2CHAT importing from SALT 0:55
TEXT2CHAT TEXT2CHAT creating a CHAT file from text 0:47
CHAT2PHON CHAT2PHON using Chatter and PhonTalk to create Phon format 3:25
Other Utilities
Rename Rename renaming files 3:34
Hide&Trim Hide&Trim hiding tiers; removing tiers 3:34
Captions Captions adding captions or subtitles to a video 3:25
Chatter Validator Chatter Validator using Chatter to check data 5:03