TalkBank Google Groups

Mailing Lists

There are seven Google Groups mailing lists that are related to CHILDES and TalkBank issues. To subscribe to these lists, you can click on the links given below for each group. However, when you do this for the first time, you will be asked to set up a Google Groups account. This is not a full Gmail account and they only ask for your name and password. After you do that, when you later log on you can go directly to the relevant list and subscribe by selecting "edit my membership" which is an option in the middle of the column on the right of the page. When you subscribe, it is important to also provide

a one-sentence statement about your research interests.

This is necessary to make sure that the subscription request is not coming from a spam operation.

info-childes is an Internet list which promotes general discussion of issues relating to child language learning. It is not moderated, and only subscribers can post to the list. There are currently over 1600 subscribers and there are about six or seven messages posted to the list each week.

chibolts@ provides more technical discussions of the the CHILDES/TalkBank programs.

aphasiabank@ is a discussion list for the study of aphasia and data in AphasiaBank.

phon@googlegroups. com is a discussion list for the PhonBank project.

fluencybank@ is a discussion list for the FluencyBank project.

CABank@ is a discussion list for the use of TalkBank tools for Conversation Analysis.

BilingBank@ is a discussion list for the use of TalkBank tools for studying Bilingualism, Language Interaction, and Second Language Acquisition.