TalkBank Access Levels

If you need to silence audio within a video recording, you can download the Subler app for Mac and Windows at You make a copy of your movie to use later. Then you drag your movie onto the Subler icon, delete the video track, and save. Then drop this version onto Amadeus Pro, silence the stretches of the audio that you need to deidentify, and save. Then you open the original video in Subler, delete its audio, and drag the output from Amadeus onto the Subler window. You can find a screencast illustrating this here. An advantage of this method is that saving the result is quite quick.

Alternatively, you can silence directly in iMovie for Mac. Instructions for this can be found on YouTube at this link You can hold down the "R" key as an easier way of selecting an area to silence. An advantage of this method is that you can watch the video as you silence the audio. A disadvantage is that saving large video files takes several minutes.